How To Rank Your Website For Multiple Keywords In Different Cities


I get this question from business owners all the time… “How can I get my website to rank for all of my services in different cities?”.  Most people assume that they can just take there website that has a home page, about page, services page, and contact page and rank for a multitude of cities and keywords.  That’s not going to happen, but you can rank in many different cities for many keywords if you know the right way to do it.

I’m going to show you how to set your website up so you can rank your business for keywords related to your service in any city you provide service in.

In this example I’m going to be using logo design as the business of choice because this is a service you can provide to anyone anywhere.

*Note:  This is going to cover the process of how to set this up, but just remember that search engine optimization is a lot of work and this isn’t going to get your ranked.  This is just to explain how to set it up.

So let’s pretend that you own a logo design company in Dallas, TX.  Let’s even assume that your website is already ranked in Google for keywords related to logo design in Dallas.  So your website is properly optimized for keywords like “Dallas logo design” or “logo design in Dallas TX”.  Google’s job is to provide people searching for the most relevant results to what they type in.  So if you have a website for your logo design business and you are optimized for your current city which is Dallas, it wouldn’t make sense for Google to rank your website when someone typed in San Diego logo design.

Based on how your website is search engine optimized, you are not in San Diego.  Your in Dallas.  Now, for most businesses like plumbing or electrical, you aren’t going to be providing services in other states so you only need to rank for your location.  But for a service like logo design, you can provide logos to any business across the U.S.

So here’s how to rank your business for multiple keywords in multiple cities (and it’s actually not as hard as you think).

Create new pages.  That’s it.  Well, there’s a little more that goes into it but for the most part, that’s it.  So let’s say you want to start building your business and provide logo design services in San Diego.  Simply create a new page on your website, title it something like “San Diego Logo Design”, and then optimize that page for logo design services in San Diego.

Now since you already have your main page optimized for Dallas logo design, you can just do the same thing for the new page.  You are going to need to rewrite the content and make everything unique, but you simply do the same thing you did to optimize your home page for Dallas logo design.

Once the site is set up and optimized, then you start doing off page SEO for keywords related to that city.  If you want to start ranking in more cities, just rinse and repeat.

I would try to rank for once city at a time and then once you are ranked, start working on the next one.  If this is something that you are learning and trying to do on your own, I will tell you that it’s a lot work and takes time.  If it’s something that you are outsourcing to an online marketing agency, you can just tell them which cities you want to rank for.  I would still tell them to do one at a time as they will probably charge you per city.

The goal here was to let you know that it is possible for you to rank your business for multiple cities but it’s important to keep in mind that you should only do this if you actually provide services in those cities.

How To Correctly Optimize Your Website For The Search Engines

When it comes to ranking higher in Google and the other major search engines, there are a few very important parts of on page SEO, which is basically making sure your website is correctly optimized for certain keywords.

For local business, this is very important because you want to have local, geo targeted traffic coming to your website.  When it comes to local rankings, some would even argue that making sure your website is properly optimized for your business and location is the most important ranking factor.

Let’s Talk About How To Make Sure Your Website Is Ready For The Search Engines

When someone type something into the search engines, they have bots that crawl websites to find relevant information to what the person is searching for.  When the search engines, like Google, crawl your website, they are looking for specific information that let’s them know your site is about what the person is searching for.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you go to Google and type in “plumber in san diego”.  For this example, let’s assume you are a plumber in San Diego.  Your website is all about plumbing and the different services you offer.  However, there is nothing on your website that clearly states you are located in San Diego.  So essentially you could have the best plumbing website in the world, but Google will never show your website when people search in your local area because they don’t know you are there.

Hopefully this makes sense…  Now, when the search engines look at your website, they need to clearly see what your business does and where it’s located.  Just putting that on the page isn’t enough.  It needs to be in the title, the description, the meta tag, and at least one time in H1 font.  It’s also good to have some images on your site with your keywords as well.

So sticking with the san deigo plumber example, here’s what you would do…

First, you would make the title of your site something like “San Diego Plumbing Expert” or something like that.  Something that clearly shows you are a plumber and you are in San Diego.  Then, somewhere on the home page of the site you want to have it in big bold letters.  For example, you could have a video or image at the top of the page, and then underneath you can have section that talks about your company and what you do.

You can title that section something like “Plumbing Services In San Diego”.  You would make that in H1 tag, which is simply adding this code <h1>TEXT HERE</h1>.  In your content just talk about your services as you would regularly.  Then at the bottom of your website, you want to make sure you have your company name, phone number, and address in the footer of your website.

By making sure that you have these 3 important factors on your website, you will dramatically increase your chances of showing up in the local search results when people search for your product or service.  Now, in addition to on page SEO there is off page SEO, which is building citations for your business and backlinks for your website.

However, making sure your website is properly optimized is the first step.  Because if your website doesn’t have the proper on page SEO, none of the off page SEO work you do will make a difference.